The project started purely intuitively, out of an idea that became more and more concrete while it was being implemented. In reference to the men's magazine Penthouse came the name BaSEment. Since it is a silk magazine, the SE, material abbreviation for silk, was emphasized. It is a bespoke product of the highest quality and one-off production. Made entirely in Italy, the silk-satin including credits "WEBEREI presents Troy Daniels by Lennart Brede" was specially woven. The print is state of the art acidic print, as it is used in the industry for luxury products. Designed as a magazine that can be taken apart to use its pages as silk scarves.

6 Scarfs layered as one book
ACIDIC print on bespoke Silk
Edition of 3 | 3 AP
130 x 100 cm
Woven & printed in Italy
Photographed & assembled in Germany 2023