I came across this sign on a trip across rural Germany. I like it out of several reasons. The advertising looks like a reference to old US-american advertising, just combines american fastfood with european oil money here. And last but not least storks did decide to make it their home and put all their shit on it. Like nothing lasts forever.
Germany/ Hinterland , 2020
is a Sphynx cat. The behaviour of this breed seems closer to a dog than a cat. They are more bonding with humans. „Sweet Mary Jesus“ overdid it a little bit and is sporting heavy gold chains with a strass stone crucifix. It is a heavy burden to carry a cross like this. By observing her closely one can discover little skull tattoos on her neck.
Germany/ Berlin, 2015

is a long term study I did across all over the places. From Pattaya/Thailand to Hollywood/Los Angeles.
It is an antithesis between real and fake, human body vs. mannequin, emptyness vs soul. Diversity vs. limitation, as well as digital vs. analog format.
In the end it also turned out as a social study. Depending on the places I shot I found manne- quins in different facettes, showing me the goes and no goes of the local racial code.

Austria/ Wörthersee, 2013 (right)