“FORGOTTEN“ is a photo series lately shot in Naples problem area Scampia.
The series gives us insights in the closed parallel society over there. We see a handful of futuristic looking and at the same time decomposed living blocks. They are seperated from Naples historical and beautiful cityscape. The buildings sometimes do look like broken down spaceships from another timeperiod. The portraits show the kids living in those buildings with their families. They live on some levels, other levels are dump places and playground for the kids.
Scampia also is a focus of the South Italian mafia. And it is a drug transshipment point of Naples population.The district is very well known from “Gomorrah“ by the Italian writer Roberto Saviano. He used the living place Scampia as background for his bestselling novel. Furthermore the “forgotten“ kids do live less than twelve kilometers away from Naples harbour. Over there China has a prosperous business going on with the Italian Fashion industry.
The kids do have nothing, they are forgotten.