In the photo group exhibition Not Everything Sucks  the themes of authenticity and physicality, vision and passion, group and belonging, freedom and sexuality interweave in a multi-layered way. They encourage us to think about the limits of our perception and the way we shape the world around us. The show opens up spaces for reflection, dialogue, and new perspectives by asking us to explore the complexity of the human experience.
The search for freedom is closely linked to the question of belonging. We strive for autonomy and self-determination, yet we are also unfree due to social constraints, expectations, and external influences. The medium of photography is predestined for this as a medium of self-expression - to express our own voices and free ourselves from the chains of conformity.
In this reflection on authenticity, physical connection, physicality, being on the edge, the construction of reality, vision and passion, group belonging, the question of our place in the world and the search for freedom, we realize that there are no easy answers. It is the search itself that shapes us and enriches our existence.

Welcome to a photographic group exhibition that embodies the pulse of the times and showcases a groundbreaking attitude. With their innovative works under the provocative theme "Not Everything Sucks," the artist:s take us into chasms of our society while pointing to the flourishing potential that surrounds us.

"Not Everything Sucks" is not a bold statement, but a call for critical reflection. This photographic group exhibition presents an avant-garde voice that puts its finger on the wounds of our time while igniting the spark of hope. The artists' work breaks with convention, challenges the status quo, and shows us that we have the power to bring about change.

Immerse yourself in a world where the lines between reality and fiction blur. This exhibition is a manifesto of creative rebellion, an invitation to dialogue and self-reflection. With their photographic works, the artists open new horizons and pose the question: what if we understood the dark sides of our existence as an opportunity to create something wonderful?

"Not Everything Sucks" is a celebration of life, a tribute to human resilience and the untamed spirit of the artists. This photographic group exhibition is an exclamation point in a world often dominated by negativity and cynicism. Be inspired by the images of these visionary photographers and discover that behind the dark veils, there is also a glow of hope.

Curated by Lennart Brede & Judith Plodeck.
Many thanks to Schaufenster / Jan Kage, Philipp Reul and to all artists.
Berlin, September 2023

Text by Dr. Judith Plodeck