What do we see in our everyday lives? Mostly the things that surround us, the things that just happen to be in front of us. Or more to the left. More to the right... and sometimes we just watch the pavement we walk upon, paying most attention to what we see inside our heads. But every now and then we tilt our chins upward and look up in the sky. Seeing this great, open sky above us helps us to open our minds sometimes. The photo series “Reach Out” recreates this moment. The capaciousness above us, that opens up when we look up and ignore the walls that sur- round us. The moment when we go from horizontal to vertical. Even though we all live under the same sky, it looks different when we travel around the world. We see Skyscrapers, TV Towers and tenements, rising like antennas. We see how differently they are handled in different cultures. It goes from construction restrictions in Berlin to so called dragonholes, protecting the century old flight paths of the dragons in Shanghai.